The LHX Project


Lead – Our goal is to lead others towards positive living and build confidence.

Hike – We hike in support of our military veterans and first responders.

Xplore – Whether it’s a day hike, backpacking trip, or a camping trip we want to get outside to explore the outdoors as a community while supporting military veterans and first responders.

What is the LHX Project?

We provide outdoor events for our communities that focus on teaching new skills, mentoring others towards positive change, exposing people to exploring various regions of the outdoors, educate on caring for our public lands, and supporting military veterans and first responders.

LHX Trail Day – a one-day event that includes a day hike, meal, and basic wilderness skills combined with a project that gives back to our trails and community. Our goal is to engage in the community to develop leaders and build confidence.

LHX Backpacking Weekends – this is a two day, one-night backpacking trip. Hiking no more than six to eight miles to a designated camping area. Participants will learn the basics of backpacking, Leave No Trace, fire-making skills, and water filtration/purification.

The evening at camp will be designated for the LHX Fireside Council.
The LHX Fireside Council is a time for sharing conversations and stories that encourage others, learn new skills to enhance outdoor experiences, and a Q&A with the LHX leadership.

The LHX Expedition – participants must apply and be chosen based on experience and knowledge of backpacking, must also have taken part in LHX Backpacking Weekends and have demonstrated leadership, integrity and commitment.

The LHX Expedition is a multi-day backpacking trip averaging fifteen miles of hiking a day. Trail locations will vary year-to-year.