The #LHX Project

The #LHX Project started in 2016 with a simple idea, invite a small group of backpackers from across the U.S, and Canada to spend five days backpacking the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail in support of a non-profit called Gear Forward.

We kicked off our first #LHX adventure in April 2017 with #LHX2017 and then again the following year with #LHX2018. After two successful #LHX adventures, we took a year off to ponder and evaluate its purpose and accomplishments. As a result, we have launched The #LHX Project and our next adventure will be in May of 2020 with #LHX2020.

Its original name, The Laurel Highlands Experience has been renamed…


Lead others towards making a difference. Hike for a cause you support. Xplore life together.

The #LHX Project will continue to focus on raising awareness and support for Reboot Recovery as well as gather together a hand-picked team to backpack and explore some of our countries beautiful wilderness regions. Each team member generously gives of their time and personal finances towards The #LHX Project with some making travel arrangements from as far as Vancouver, BC, Canada. They lead by example to make a difference for a cause they support and an opportunity to explore life together.