Hike To Clear Clutter

Recently the Washington Post published and article about hiking and that new research suggest natures walks are good for your brain. Before and also after the walk, the participants answered a questionnaire designed to measure their tendency toward “rumination,” a pattern of often negative, inward-directed thinking and questioning that has been tied to an increased risk of … Continue reading Hike To Clear Clutter

I want to work outside…all day.

This will be out of the norm coming from me, but here goes... I'm tired of my current job. My ideal job at this stage of my life is to be outdoors in the woods. It's not impossible to achieve, but it is a challenge. I'm not a twenty something fresh out of college who … Continue reading I want to work outside…all day.

Why Do You Do It? (Was the original question)

Why do you do it? It was the original question, I think, but I found myself running a rant in this post.I received a message from someone I know that started off like this; "Hey, are you ok? You seem to be doing a lot of hiking these days." Now, keep in mind the conversation that … Continue reading Why Do You Do It? (Was the original question)