Filtering Water to Survive

When in a pinch, meaning you have no filter system or purification there is a way to filter water in a survival situation. Simple sand water filter 1. To start with, you need a container. If you can find a large, empty can, use it. Punch 5-10 holes in the bottom of the can. A … Continue reading Filtering Water to Survive

What Are You Missing On Your Adventure?

Marathon hiking. Not to be mistaken for trail running. I have a few friends in the outdoor industry who are trail runners so I know the difference. It's become a trend. "Hikers" solo racing to complete a long distance trail in record time. Uh wait...aren't they called trail runners? Anyway, more and more I am … Continue reading What Are You Missing On Your Adventure?

#getoutdoors to Disconnect

It's 2:00 p.m., it's been a long day of phone calls, answering emails, replying to social media messages and comments, meeting with clients, finishing that last report, answering text messages, and listening to a co-worker complain about...something. Is it Friday yet? No, it' only Wednesday. Tired, stressed and irritable with no physical activity besides pecking … Continue reading #getoutdoors to Disconnect

Fall Hiking: 5 Basic Tips

Check the latest trail conditions. Check for recent trip reports from other hikers to confirm your chosen trail is snow-free. And always call ahead to local ranger stations for conditions. Let someone know where you are going. Tell them when you expect to return (and call them when you do return). If your destination changes, … Continue reading Fall Hiking: 5 Basic Tips

Blaze Markers to Happiness

Hiking trails like the AT are marked with white blaze marks, white paint on trees guiding hikers and backpackers along the way. Miss a blaze mark and you can find yourself off the trail and possibly lost. Recently I've taken time to think about and write out key blaze marks for my life. These blaze … Continue reading Blaze Markers to Happiness