83 Days and Counting

83 days and counting I leave April 24, 2016. Boy, that just sank in. Starting tomorrow, February 1st, I’ll begin my preparations to thruhike the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, or best known as the LHHT. I have almost three months to prepare. While I have already plotted out the departure day, miles per day, camping … Continue reading 83 Days and Counting

Prepping To Hike The LHHT

Next weekend I'm headed out to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. Better knowns as the L "double H" T. On friday morning I'll meet up with Dane "Sherpa" Cramer, a fellow hiker, brother in Christ, and writer. We'll also be hiking with Rick Horwat, a big guy with an even bigger heart who dreams of … Continue reading Prepping To Hike The LHHT