#HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

About a month ago I contacted my friend Dane "Sherpa" Cramer to ask him to join the HBF Crew. After some thought he decided to decline my invitation and all for good reasons. You see, Dane, while interested in the idea, chose to not overload his schedule. Something I deeply respect and follow myself. At … Continue reading #HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

The Allure of Backpacking – Dane Cramer

Years ago I was telling a lady that I was going to spend a week’s vacation backpacking.  She was intrigued as we talked about my plans.  Then, it suddenly dawned on her that I was going to spend a week in the woods without taking a shower.  She stopped me at that point.  She explained that her idea … Continue reading The Allure of Backpacking – Dane Cramer

Hiking Tip: Winter Water Bottle Tip

If you've been hiking in the winter then you know what it's like trying to keep your water from freezing. In this video Dane Cramer of Featherprop.com gives a quick an easy tip for keeping your water from freezing at the bottle neck. What tips and techniques have you used? https://youtu.be/qc9evhTq3Yg

Hiker of the Week – Dane Cramer

Every week we get a number of nominations for Hiker of the Week. So many we occasionally have more than one per week. And with good reason. People love to hike and they love fellow hikers. This week we featured Rick Horwat, hardcore winter hiker with a passion for the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT). … Continue reading Hiker of the Week – Dane Cramer