What Inspires You

Here is where I'm inspired... Where I get away from the routine of daily life, of coffee runs, tapping away on the keyboard and endless phone calls. Here is where I connect... To nature and marinate on what matters most. I'm free from the pressure of answering text messages from those who get upset when … Continue reading What Inspires You

Man’s Best Friend and the Lessons We Learn

I had a mini Schnauzer and I have to say he was the best dog. Most of time when you see pictures of people hiking with their dog it's a big one. Many ads in magazines, for some reason, feature hikers or backpackers with a lab of some sort. But you don't see many mini … Continue reading Man’s Best Friend and the Lessons We Learn

What is the #LHX2017 Adventure?

Hike By Faith started with a simple concept, to inspire people to hike and backpack for their overall health. To encourage less time with technology and experience what our beautiful world has to offer as well as how nature impacts the human spirit. It's easy to think Hike By Faith, by it's name, is another … Continue reading What is the #LHX2017 Adventure?

Gear Review: Koppen Lokal One Person Tent

The Koppen Lokal One Person tent is light weight (2lbs. 4oz.), has an easy side entrance and a small footprint. I purchased the Koppen Lokal at Dick's Sporting Goods a couple years ago and have used it a few times since. As a hammock backpacker it's not often I use a tent, but in an … Continue reading Gear Review: Koppen Lokal One Person Tent

Adventure Plans Sometimes Change & That’s Okay

Last week I ventured out to Raystown Lake for some kayaking and scouting. There are several islands on the lake all varying in size spread throughout the 27 miles of lake water. The weather was perfect; sunny, in the mid 70's and a light breeze. I packed up my Teton Sports Rock1800 pack with everything … Continue reading Adventure Plans Sometimes Change & That’s Okay