LHX Fireside Council

Since man was able to make fire, the campfire has long been a meeting place.

A small group of people in a circle, listening to stories, debating, conversing, bonding, and learning from each other. It’s where leaders of a tribe would discuss issues, provide solutions, plan for the future, and share resources. The campfire has also been a long time tradition for differing tribes and/or nations to meet and find common ground, work together towards the same goal, expand their communities, and pass on knowledge and wisdom for future success.

What is the LHX Fireside Council?

Mission – Lead, Hike, & Xplore

Purpose – designed for those interested in being Trip Leaders that will help plan and pave the way for future LHX trips centered on the purpose of supporting a cause or charity organization, strengthening the community, mentor others to succeed, support and care for our public lands, and understand the need to explore life together while in the outdoors.

LHX Trip Leaders agree to:
Support a Cause – We believe giving back is vital to the overall health of our communities and public lands. An individual’s personal success is measured by how much they give back and serve. Not how much they seek to serve themselves.

Strengthen the Community – Regardless of the label attached everyone wants to be a part of something. Our goal is to foster a healthy community among outdoor enthusiasts. We may differ in our methods, but our goal is the same. To get outdoors and enjoy our public lands whether it be day hikers, section hikers, thru-hikers, campers, etc.

Mentor others to Succeed – Success is defined by the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. As individuals, while we share the same passions for the outdoors our aim or purpose can differ. Through the LHX Fireside Council, we want to encourage and motivate others towards their success in life, relationships, work, and family.

Support Public Lands – We strive to better outdoor experiences for current and future generations to come by educating and training our communities on how to care for our public lands and support causes who are giving back to our public lands.

Explore Life Together – Through our personal experiences, we have come to understand and know the impact the outdoors has on life and the importance of exploring it together. When we’re willing to be transparent and real our own stories can and will resonate with others which in turn can help them succeed and find value.

Trip Leaders must go through training provided by the LHX Leadership.
• CPR/AED certification
• Basic Wilderness First Aid
• Wilderness/Land Navigation
• Basic Wilderness Survival
• Leave No Trace awareness
• Are you good at working with people?
• Do you have a flexible schedule?
• Do you have your own gear?
• Are you able to handle stressful situations and advanced problem-solving?
• Do you love the outdoors?

Members of the LHX Fireside Council exhibit and live out the following:

• Demonstrates leadership
• Integrity
• Commitment
• Conviction
• Humility
• Servanthood
• Discernment
• Wisdom
• Self-awareness