Why Hike By Faith?

You don't have to go through life alone. Life comes with struggles, but what's on the other side of those struggles is what matters. Life is like hiking...one step at a time. Many have asked what Hike By Faith is about and how did it get started? In this video FaithHiker shares his heart as … Continue reading Why Hike By Faith?

Old Logger’s Trail; Raystown Lake – First Day Hike 2016

First Day Hike 2016 - this was a solo hike to kick off 2016 and spend time in prayer for the year ahead. https://youtu.be/ISGUrebeGYw

It’s Not A Marathon…For Me

Marathon hiking. It's become a trend. "Hikers" solo racing to complete a long distance trail in record time. Uh wait...aren't they called trail runners? Anyway, more and more I am seeing this trend grow and aside from breaking a record, or almost breaking a record, I'm not seeing the benefit of this type of "hiking." … Continue reading It’s Not A Marathon…For Me

Prepping To Hike The LHHT

Next weekend I'm headed out to the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. Better knowns as the L "double H" T. On friday morning I'll meet up with Dane "Sherpa" Cramer, a fellow hiker, brother in Christ, and writer. We'll also be hiking with Rick Horwat, a big guy with an even bigger heart who dreams of … Continue reading Prepping To Hike The LHHT

Baltimore Riots & My Response

You might not like what I'm about to share and that's okay, I'm not writing this to impress you. It's my personal rant, a way to vent about the events taking place in Baltimore. Two words best describe how I feel..."fed up." The riots in Baltimore started as a result of teenagers planning ahead of … Continue reading Baltimore Riots & My Response