An Intruder In Our Yard

With weather and temperatures holding in the mild range we caught this intruder roaming around our yard. It won't be long before we start seeing more critters roaming about as spring will be here soon. And one of those critters that will be out be more often are...hikers. But don't let winter stop you from … Continue reading An Intruder In Our Yard

Old Logger’s Trail; Raystown Lake – First Day Hike 2016

First Day Hike 2016 - this was a solo hike to kick off 2016 and spend time in prayer for the year ahead.

Stop complaining and hike!

There is no question about it, my wife loves snow. So do I, but nowhere near as much as my wife. At the mere mention of snow her ears perk up. If a single snow flake falls from the sky she breaks out into a shuffle dance I once seen from my nephew when he … Continue reading Stop complaining and hike!

Why I heat my home with wood

Our director Brian Ford shares why he prefers to heat is home with wood. It’s been three months since we’ve moved into our homestead. And at least two months of heating our home solely with wood. Starting a campfire for cooking and some warmth doesn’t require as much work and time management. Heating your home … Continue reading Why I heat my home with wood

Enjoy the Previews; Spring is Coming

Here's the thing about winter. Come December I actually look forward to it and the possibility of snow by Christmas. Come January I enjoy it when the snow falls, covering everything that was gray and brown with a crisp bright white. However, by the time February rolls around I've had enough and I find myself … Continue reading Enjoy the Previews; Spring is Coming