Coalcracker Bushcraft: Tent Pegs in the Field

We've all been there, that moment you realize you left your tent pegs 10 miles back on the trail or they broke or bent. Dan Wowak from Coalcracker Bushcraft shows you a simple way to make tent pegs in the field. Keep it simple people. The #LHX2018 team will have the opportunity to learn fire making … Continue reading Coalcracker Bushcraft: Tent Pegs in the Field

Camp HBF Journal Day #1 – Location

When I was a kid I enjoyed going out to our yard and building forts using a large piece of army canvas my father had around the garage. I would tie it off to a tree, stretch out the corners, and stake them down. When it was finished it was oddly shaped but served its purpose. … Continue reading Camp HBF Journal Day #1 – Location