Hiking Tip: Winter Water Bottle Tip

If you've been hiking in the winter then you know what it's like trying to keep your water from freezing. In this video Dane Cramer of Featherprop.com gives a quick an easy tip for keeping your water from freezing at the bottle neck. What tips and techniques have you used? https://youtu.be/qc9evhTq3Yg

Stop complaining and hike!

There is no question about it, my wife loves snow. So do I, but nowhere near as much as my wife. At the mere mention of snow her ears perk up. If a single snow flake falls from the sky she breaks out into a shuffle dance I once seen from my nephew when he … Continue reading Stop complaining and hike!

Don’t Let Winter Stop You From Hiking

Winter Hiking Tips Though it feels frigid at the trailhead, your body starts to generate heat after just 10 to 15 minutes of walking, especially if you’ve chosen a strenuous trail. Dress like an onion - in layers Still, layering is important to staying warm and maintaining a consistent temperature on the hike and at … Continue reading Don’t Let Winter Stop You From Hiking

Hiker of the Week – Rick Horwat

Rick Horwat Rick is a rare breed of backpackers. His favorite time of year to hike is winter. He is currently a Ridge Runner for the LHHT (Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail) and has been a gear tester. "I think that the thing that I enjoy the most about being on the trail is not the … Continue reading Hiker of the Week – Rick Horwat

Enjoy the Previews; Spring is Coming

Here's the thing about winter. Come December I actually look forward to it and the possibility of snow by Christmas. Come January I enjoy it when the snow falls, covering everything that was gray and brown with a crisp bright white. However, by the time February rolls around I've had enough and I find myself … Continue reading Enjoy the Previews; Spring is Coming