It’s only rain…

Have you ever found yourself with someone who constantly complains? Never satisfied with the moment. Always griping. You know the type. I usually find myself wanting to walk away as quick as I can before they begin their journey down the complaint causeway. At times I'll even avoid a constant complainer stealthfully hiding in the … Continue reading It’s only rain…


#HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

About a month ago I contacted my friend Dane "Sherpa" Cramer to ask him to join the HBF Crew. After some thought he decided to decline my invitation and all for good reasons. You see, Dane, while interested in the idea, chose to not overload his schedule. Something I deeply respect and follow myself. At … Continue reading #HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

News Release: Partnering with Gear Forward

We are honored and excited to be partnering with Gear Forward. Here is what Scott Gauvin from Hiking Forward and Founder of Gear Forward has to say about this awesome organization. "The outdoors are our collective greatest treasure and gift that we offer the next generation. Gear Forward, simply is about providing the next generation … Continue reading News Release: Partnering with Gear Forward