Why Hike By Faith?

You don't have to go through life alone. Life comes with struggles, but what's on the other side of those struggles is what matters. Life is like hiking...one step at a time. Many have asked what Hike By Faith is about and how did it get started? In this video FaithHiker shares his heart as … Continue reading Why Hike By Faith?

Why I heat my home with wood

Our director Brian Ford shares why he prefers to heat is home with wood. It’s been three months since we’ve moved into our homestead. And at least two months of heating our home solely with wood. Starting a campfire for cooking and some warmth doesn’t require as much work and time management. Heating your home … Continue reading Why I heat my home with wood

Life Happens! Who Do You Trust?

*This is not our typical hiking article, but we hope you'll take a minute to read this short note from our founder. I'm sure everyone reading this is well aware of ISIS and all that is going on. If not, then you must live off grid and thereby would most likely not be reading this … Continue reading Life Happens! Who Do You Trust?

Avoid The Easy Button

For many hiking enthusiasts, being forced to camp in the woods for seven days in a tent with some basic items wouldn't be a punishment, it would be a vacation. However, for on fourteen year old in South Carolina this was the punishment her parents gave her and their reason...because she ate a pop tart … Continue reading Avoid The Easy Button

Update from Popeye: A Tough Decision

The decision to end my hike for now was not one that I came to lightly. After taking 9 days off, where all I did was rest, elevate, and ice, and 3 doctor appointments later- my ankle is not even near where it needs to be to hike again right now. I still have about … Continue reading Update from Popeye: A Tough Decision