#GearReview – Tread Labs (@treadlabs)

It seems no matter what brand sneaker or hiking shoes I buy, while they are comfortable, in time the support I need is not always there. In the past I have had to use store bought insoles to support my arches and heel. Like many others, I'm one of those who suffer from a sore … Continue reading #GearReview – Tread Labs (@treadlabs)


I’m mad… by Jason Cleghorn

Written by #HBFCrew Jason Cleghorn Y'all... I'm mad.  Every day, another picture like this, another story about graffiti in our National Parks, another person or people that seemingly don't care about the wild.  And I am damn tired of it.  The hardest part for me is rectifying how I can be so different from another human, … Continue reading I’m mad… by Jason Cleghorn

Gear Review: @climbonproducts

A few weeks ago I received some samples from ClimbOn Products (SKINourishment) While I am not a rock climber, I have found there product not only useful but also among the best in skin care products. I work with my hands on a daily basis on our homestead. Whether splitting wood, caring for the garden or … Continue reading Gear Review: @climbonproducts

Preparing for a thru-Hike means ignoring the lies

61 days until my thruhike of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. My itinerary is set, tent sites reserved, and meals planned. Packing will begin the week before I hit the trail. So what is left to prepare? Good question. I continue to prepare by training. Exercising, eating right, and getting sleep. However, to be honest … Continue reading Preparing for a thru-Hike means ignoring the lies