People and the Outdoors is a Healthy Combination

Speaking negatively about a person says nothing about them, and everything about the person speaking. It takes no courage to sit behind a digital screen while hen pecking criticism or slander about someone you don’t know. If you’re reading this then you’re on social media and you’ve seen, read or even faced what I’m talking … Continue reading People and the Outdoors is a Healthy Combination


Thirsty Thursday Explorer – Backcountry Petite

This week's Thirsty Thursday Explorer is Backcountry Petite. Rachel is an #LHX2018 team member and an ambassador for AllTrails. You can check out all her adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I grew up in Minnesota, where we really appreciate the few months we are able to enjoy being outdoors comfortably.  The winters are long, very long.  In … Continue reading Thirsty Thursday Explorer – Backcountry Petite