The Future of HBF Outdoors, LLC.

In 2013 I launched HBF Outdoors as Hike by Faith. At the time it was a simple platform used to share my experiences, adventures, and lessons God was teaching me in the outdoors. In 2018, I officially launched it as an LLC business under the name HBF Outdoors. My vision at the time was to … Continue reading The Future of HBF Outdoors, LLC.

An open letter to HBF followers

For those of you who follow my website, you might have noticed a change. The domain is no longer being used. I've gone back to using the free WordPress¬†version. So be sure to update your bookmark, if you use them, to the following the address; Now with that little detail out of the … Continue reading An open letter to HBF followers

#GearReview – Tread Labs (@treadlabs)

It seems no matter what brand sneaker or hiking shoes I buy, while they are comfortable, in time the support I need is not always there. In the past I have had to use store bought insoles to support my arches and heel. Like many others, I'm one of those who suffer from a sore … Continue reading #GearReview – Tread Labs (@treadlabs)