Gratitude & the #LHX2017

Last week was one of those weeks. You know the one I'm talking about, work seems to get the best of you and when Friday rolls around you realize your personal to-do list was not touched. Now you feel like your Saturday will be eaten up playing catch up. By Saturday night I was ready … Continue reading Gratitude & the #LHX2017

Hiking Solo But Afraid of the Dark

Hiking solo in the dark can certainly be a challenge for anyone, even if you're not new to backpacking. I can recall nights of feeling paranoids wondering what was lurking in the bushes waiting to jump out and pounce on me. In the article, #HBFCrew Dane Cramer, shares his thoughts as well as some insight … Continue reading Hiking Solo But Afraid of the Dark

#HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

About a month ago I contacted my friend Dane "Sherpa" Cramer to ask him to join the HBF Crew. After some thought he decided to decline my invitation and all for good reasons. You see, Dane, while interested in the idea, chose to not overload his schedule. Something I deeply respect and follow myself. At … Continue reading #HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith