Kayaking Tips: Prepare Right & Have Fun

Following are some essential tips, that should be always followed while kayaking. These tips are all-inclusive of sea, river, whitewater and ocean kayaking. Stretching It is very important that you stretch yourself well each time, before you start kayaking. This is essential to maintain your stamina and vitality while kayaking and it also helps to … Continue reading Kayaking Tips: Prepare Right & Have Fun

I’m mad… by Jason Cleghorn

Written by #HBFCrew Jason Cleghorn Y'all... I'm mad.  Every day, another picture like this, another story about graffiti in our National Parks, another person or people that seemingly don't care about the wild.  And I am damn tired of it.  The hardest part for me is rectifying how I can be so different from another human, … Continue reading I’m mad… by Jason Cleghorn

Adventure Plans Sometimes Change & That’s Okay

Last week I ventured out to Raystown Lake for some kayaking and scouting. There are several islands on the lake all varying in size spread throughout the 27 miles of lake water. The weather was perfect; sunny, in the mid 70's and a light breeze. I packed up my Teton Sports Rock1800 pack with everything … Continue reading Adventure Plans Sometimes Change & That’s Okay

Gear Review: Munk Pack

Friday the weather was perfect to get outside for a short hike and shoot a video review of Munk Pack. Raystown Lake was the setting. Temperatures were in the low seventies, the sky was clear, the mountains stood in the back drop, and a light breeze blew across the lake. The owners of Munk Pack … Continue reading Gear Review: Munk Pack

Camping Review: Seven Points Camping & Marina

Camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking and boating all in one place. Seven Points Camping and Marina is our go to spot for those last minute spontaneous camping weekends. It's located in the beautiful Raystown Lake region. We have spent many weekends enjoying the activities available. Run and maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers, Seven Points … Continue reading Camping Review: Seven Points Camping & Marina