An open letter to HBF followers

For those of you who follow my website, you might have noticed a change. The domain is no longer being used. I've gone back to using the free WordPress version. So be sure to update your bookmark, if you use them, to the following the address; Now with that little detail out of the … Continue reading An open letter to HBF followers

#HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

About a month ago I contacted my friend Dane "Sherpa" Cramer to ask him to join the HBF Crew. After some thought he decided to decline my invitation and all for good reasons. You see, Dane, while interested in the idea, chose to not overload his schedule. Something I deeply respect and follow myself. At … Continue reading #HBFCrew, the Outdoors & Faith

Preparing for a thru-Hike means ignoring the lies

61 days until my thruhike of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. My itinerary is set, tent sites reserved, and meals planned. Packing will begin the week before I hit the trail. So what is left to prepare? Good question. I continue to prepare by training. Exercising, eating right, and getting sleep. However, to be honest … Continue reading Preparing for a thru-Hike means ignoring the lies

Why Hike By Faith?

You don't have to go through life alone. Life comes with struggles, but what's on the other side of those struggles is what matters. Life is like step at a time. Many have asked what Hike By Faith is about and how did it get started? In this video FaithHiker shares his heart as … Continue reading Why Hike By Faith?

83 Days and Counting

83 days and counting I leave April 24, 2016. Boy, that just sank in. Starting tomorrow, February 1st, I’ll begin my preparations to thruhike the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, or best known as the LHHT. I have almost three months to prepare. While I have already plotted out the departure day, miles per day, camping … Continue reading 83 Days and Counting