Pic or it Didn’t Happen. Uh, What?

There was a time when the only camera I could afford was a disposable until my parents gave me a 35mm camera for my birthday. That school year I put it to use a lot as the yearbook photographer. I remember the excitement of wanting to get to the darkroom and process the rolls of … Continue reading Pic or it Didn’t Happen. Uh, What?

The Future of HBF Outdoors, LLC.

In 2013 I launched HBF Outdoors as Hike by Faith. At the time it was a simple platform used to share my experiences, adventures, and lessons God was teaching me in the outdoors. In 2018, I officially launched it as an LLC business under the name HBF Outdoors. My vision at the time was to … Continue reading The Future of HBF Outdoors, LLC.

Blaze Markers to Happiness

Hiking trails like the AT are marked with white blaze marks, white paint on trees guiding hikers and backpackers along the way. Miss a blaze mark and you can find yourself off the trail and possibly lost. Recently I've taken time to think about and write out key blaze marks for my life. These blaze … Continue reading Blaze Markers to Happiness

Live Life to the Full

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” -John 10:10 If we’re all honest, sometimes it feels like God doesn’t want us to have fun. I mean, when people around us are living for the moment, it sure does look appealing. And of … Continue reading Live Life to the Full

Real Life Relationships is a NEED.

Have we become so connected to technology we don't know how to disconnect? It's almost as though we don't know how to have a simple enjoyable conversation or build real solid relationships with others unless it's through social media. Walk into any Starbuck's and it's rare to see people just sipping coffee and having a … Continue reading Real Life Relationships is a NEED.