Why Hike By Faith?

You don't have to go through life alone. Life comes with struggles, but what's on the other side of those struggles is what matters. Life is like hiking...one step at a time. Many have asked what Hike By Faith is about and how did it get started? In this video FaithHiker shares his heart as … Continue reading Why Hike By Faith?

Avoid The Easy Button

For many hiking enthusiasts, being forced to camp in the woods for seven days in a tent with some basic items wouldn't be a punishment, it would be a vacation. However, for on fourteen year old in South Carolina this was the punishment her parents gave her and their reason...because she ate a pop tart … Continue reading Avoid The Easy Button

Baltimore Riots & My Response

You might not like what I'm about to share and that's okay, I'm not writing this to impress you. It's my personal rant, a way to vent about the events taking place in Baltimore. Two words best describe how I feel..."fed up." The riots in Baltimore started as a result of teenagers planning ahead of … Continue reading Baltimore Riots & My Response

What Can We Learn From the Hiking Community?

One of the things I enjoy about hiking is the community. At any given time I can communicate online with others who have a passion for hiking and backpacking, get their advise, tips or trail suggestions. I've learned from them and they have learned from me. I've also had the opportunity to hike with some … Continue reading What Can We Learn From the Hiking Community?

Don’t Get Up…On Your Own

Reposted from last March 2014 Spring is officially just over a week away. This weekend I took advantage of the warmer temps...mid forties. Yes, for us here in the Cove who have been experiencing single digit temps for what seems like weeks, the mid forties is a heat wave. Saturday I ventured out onto the … Continue reading Don’t Get Up…On Your Own