The Outdoors is Worth the Discomfort

The sun bounced off the water reflecting back into my eyes causing me to squint and look away but for a moment. A light breeze blew from the west rustling the leaves in the tree above me that provided much-needed shade on a hot humid day. I set my pack down on the ground next … Continue reading The Outdoors is Worth the Discomfort

It’s only rain…

Have you ever found yourself with someone who constantly complains? Never satisfied with the moment. Always griping. You know the type. I usually find myself wanting to walk away as quick as I can before they begin their journey down the complaint causeway. At times I'll even avoid a constant complainer stealthfully hiding in the … Continue reading It’s only rain…

The more I do this, the more I love what I do.

As the sun broke through the clouds during a break in the rain it lit up the trail ahead of me gifting me with a serene view. It was a busy weekend and I needed some time alone to clear my head and prepare for an upcoming trip in the backcountry with our next group … Continue reading The more I do this, the more I love what I do.