Our goal has always been to get people outside and connect in community. Through HBF Outdoors, LLC. we provide various hikes for all skill levels. Every event is centered on three key principles; connect in community, learn from others, and explore the outdoors.

Working well with our hiker’s is the most important aspect of what we do and we strive to provide you with the best experiences to connect with the outdoor community.

Connect in Community – In a world where “community” is defined by the number of people we follow on social media HBF Outdoors, LLC. is striving to make a change. We believe in a healthy real-life community by gathering outdoor enthusiasts regardless of skill level into the outdoors for hiking and backpacking adventures.

Learn from others – Our goal is to teach you new outdoors skills that will enhance and equip you for adventures. However, we believe as we connect in community and build friendships there are many valuable lessons beyond outdoor skills we can learn from one another. While we, the HBF Outdoors LLC. staff serve as instructors everyone is a student and no one is an expert. Learning from others builds community.

Exploring the outdoors – Whether its a day hike, backpacking trip, or a camping trip we want to get you outside to explore the outdoors and nature. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable of the trails and forests our state offers outdoors enthusiasts and will safely guide you on each adventure assuring you an awesome experience you’ll remember.

Why HBF Outdoors, LLC.?

Your safety is our concern during all our events and activities. Our staff is certified in one or more of the following: CPR and Wilderness First Aid. Every detail of our events and trips are carefully planned by our staff. Each of our guides carries first aid kits, cell phones, and radios. Emergency and safety procedures are reviewed before every event or trip with all participants. Customer service is a priority and we strive to provide you with the best outdoor experience that is safe and professional.

Thank you for choosing HBF Outdoors, LLC.

Dane Cramer

I recently went on a long-distant backpacking trip.  HBF Outdoors participated in a portion of the hike with me, but even after they left the trail, they continued their support. HBF Outdoors provided me with weather updates, regularly checked on my status, and coordinated shuttle service and overnight accommodations when I came off the trail for one night.  Without their support, this trip would have been much more difficult. Because of their constant support, I never felt like I was alone – even when I was walking by myself on the mountain.

“I never felt like I was alone”

With his amazing backpacking and primitive camping skills, he inspires everyone to come together, share their own unique skills, while enjoying nature as a team! He inspires everyone to be the best that they can be no matter if you have skills or not. The love of the outdoors is the best skill!
As we love our bold north, HBF Outdoors is the heart of Pennsylvania’s true outdoors. Thanks for loving nature and inspiring everyone to get outdoors Brian! – Eva Barahona; Hiking The North

HBF Outdoors is the heart of Pennsylvania’s true outdoors.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Brian, I think it’s awesome that you’re hiking with God. May He meet you where you’re at constantly and supply you with His abundant grace continually. I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for all the great hiking tips. I’ll look forward to reading more.: ) Have fun & stay safe out there.

  2. I really would love to do something like this. I keep coming back to it and reading things online about it. I am not physically where I think I’d need to be and I really am not sure, not to mention the cost. But I enjoy so much reading all of these blogs and experiences. It seems really incredible and it would be a HUGE challenge I think… I’m still pondering. By the way, I’m also a Disciple and I’m excited to read about your journey with The Lord out in the trail! Blessings!

  3. It’s so great to see another hiker/Christian out spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. I too am using my love for the outdoors and hiking as a ministry tool. I will pray for you and your endeavor to share The Lord with those around us and encourage you to check my blog with a similar theme…Faith and Footsteps. http://www.faithandfootsteps.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks. It’s our goal to share the gospel wherever we go, especially on the trail. I’ll check your blog often and I’m following it now. Hike by faith brother.

  4. Yes! so glad I found this site! Great to see other brothers and sisters who have a passion for Christ and love to share it out on the trail!

    1. Thank you. We hope you enjoy our site. You can also catch us on Facebook. Our director also has his personal blog; faithhiker.wordpress.com where he shares his personal thoughts and heart

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