The road to…

Have you ever listened to someone talk and before they were done you felt mentally drained?

Yesterday I listened as a young guy shared with me his “side hustle.” He spoke with passion and fervor. I could barely keep up. By the time he was done, I wasn’t sure he knew which “side” he was hustling from. It’s like he’s playing five card drawer while holding ten in his hand.

As he sped off to chase the “hustle” I was left mentally drained. I felt I needed a nap to recover from his hustled conversation about his side hustle. Or was it multiple sides. I don’t know.

Anyway, it had me thinking about the roads we travel through life. Hard work, dedication, and determination are not wrong. If you want to accomplish things in life it takes those qualities.

But we haven’t learned. We haven’t learned to take time and cruise the back roads and enjoy life. All we’ve done is take the phrase “I’m busy” and replaced it with “side hustle” to justify what we’re doing.

Here’s the thing, whatever you want to call it, there is nothing wrong with being productive and accomplishing things in life. But if busyness or side hustle keeps you from enjoying life then all you’re doing is being hustled down a busy highway that will lead to unfillment, dissatisfaction, and exhaustion.

Don’t get so caught up in the “side hustle” you forget to step to the side for some self-care. Get off the highway once in a while and cruise the back roads.

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