It’s only rain…

Have you ever found yourself with someone who constantly complains? Never satisfied with the moment. Always griping. You know the type.

I usually find myself wanting to walk away as quick as I can before they begin their journey down the complaint causeway. At times I’ll even avoid a constant complainer stealthfully hiding in the shadows in hopes of not being detected.

Constant complainers have a way of generating a negative vibe that leaves me twitching. And if I spend too much time around them I soon realize I’m thinking negative and my attitude has gone from positive to “oh hum.”

I can’t explain why someone is a constant complainer. I don’t know what is going on in their life to generate such negativity. What I do know is I have a choice. I can either avoid them as usual or I can take a moment to listen not with my ears but my heart.

Maybe a constant complainer is looking for someone who will truly listen, but to get to the root of what’s really bothering them it requires peeling back layers. Allowing them to complain until they reveal the root of their issue.

Whatever their reason for being a constant complainer I’m learning it’s easier to listen past the surface and simply say, “it’s only rain…”

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