Conforming led to Compromise

Some of you have asked about our recent posts on the HBF Outdoors page and why I’ve made the decision to put things on hold.
Over the last month as I’ve worked to build HBF Outdoors, LLC. into a business that offers hiking and backpacking, I reached out to some colleagues for their counsel and advice. During that process, I learned and was reminded of the importance of seeking “wise” counsel. As suggestions came in I listened and even put some of their ideas into action. However, I soon became uneasy and restless.
While their suggestions weren’t necessarily wrong they simply weren’t right for me or how I had envisioned HBF Outdoors. But since they are business owners I took their suggestions and listened.
Last week as I sat working, planning and making “changes” I became increasingly restless. “Brian, what are you doing? This is not the vision you had four years ago from HBF.” I was now frustrated. So frustrated I didn’t want to work on anything related to HBF. So I stepped away and take a breather.
As I sat on my porch enjoying the weather that familiar sound of an email dropping into my phone rang out. What came next was the final push I needed to say, the heck with what others think I should do.
The email, from this well-intentioned colleague, suggested I change the business name. They suggested that the HBF (Hike by Faith) will give potential customers the idea we are a religious organization. My gut reaction was to rip him a new one in the name of Jesus, but instead, I bit my tongue and simply replied with; I will not change the name. I appreciate your help but your services are no longer needed.
I was furious and discouraged. This isn’t the first time this has been suggested to me. After calming down I knew what I had to do. I needed to step away from HBF Outdoors, LLC. for a few days and spend some time in prayer and seeking counsel from the One who originally gave me the vision for HBF Outdoors.
During this time my heart was broken when I realized that in the end, I was the one responsible for slowly moving HBF Outdoors away from its original vision. I thought I needed to do what everyone else was doing in order to have a successful outdoor business. I felt I needed to do what is popular. I allowed fear of what others would think to dictate the direction of HBF Outdoors instead of following God’s plan. I was wrong.
A funny thing happens when you move outside of God’s plan. He allows stress, frustration, and anxiety to creep in in hopes of getting our attention. Well, it got mine.
HBF Outdoors was founded on a vision to impact lives and get people outside regardless of their skill level. We believe the outdoors benefits people physically, mentally and spiritually. We are not a religious organization. We are a business who’s faith in Jesus is the foundation of how we operate. Faith, family and the outdoors is the order of our priorities. We provide our customers with outdoor experiences and adventure to get them connected to others, learn something new, and explore our amazing forests of Pennsylvania.
We realize there will be some who don’t agree, and after explaining to another colleague that I will no longer compromise my principles and the vision. I was adviced if I go through with this I could potentially lose business. I simply replied with; I’d much rather give it a try then comprise my principles and go against God’s plan for HBF Outdoors, LLC.
We look forward to meeting new friends and getting to know you while enjoying the woods and a trail. Be sure to check our FB page for upcoming day hikes planned for July and August. We’ll be adding more soon.
In the meantime, hike by faith everyone! Awesome things are ahead because HBF Outdoors is following the greatest trail guide to have hiked through the wilderness and His name is Jesus.

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