#CLX2019 – The “C” is for Connecting in Community

After a great weekend of hiking and teaching knot tying skills as well as the essential items to carry when hiking and backpacking, I find myself thinking about community.

In today’s culture community has taken on various forms. Social media for many people has replaced real-life community interaction. And while social media can be a good tool to connect with others in your tribe it shouldn’t replace real life.

I find myself these days focusing on real-life community more so than I have in awhile. It’s the face to face conversations I’m craving the most. I don’t want to find myself sitting around with my phone in my hand believing that digital conversations equate to real life.

We tweet, gram and post about “connecting” but are we involved hands-on in our community? “Connecting” to community starts IN your community where you are, where you live. Not with people you may never meet.

Our purpose at HBF Outdoors, LLC. is to get people connected with others in community while enjoying the outdoors. I am making it our mission to accomplish this goal. Because sharing moments of our lives on social media should never replace DOING life with others.

We’ve created and have even gone back to the meeting table to start over with some of our events and programs to line up and match with our mission and values. Our new Trailblazer’s Weekend is designed to teach attendees the skills they need to not only enhance their adventures but also equip them with the tools needed in case of an emergency. But at its core, it’s to bring people together in community to build friendships and connections that happen outside and in the real world.

This mission to form real-life community was a part of our #LHX projects and was lived out from each team. Now, with #CLX2019 on the drawing table, we’re focusing even more on our core values and mission to help build community and connect people in life.

In the weeks and months to come, we’ll be sharing more details about #CLX2019 as far as it’s location and cause it will support. As for the team being chosen, to stay on course with our mission of community, the #CLX2019 team will be made up of outdoor enthusiasts from right here in our home state of Pennsylvania. So get ready PA adventurers, this one is for you!

#CLX2019 – Connect (Community), Learn, and Explore. 

Stay tuned for more details about next years big adventure.


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