The End of the #LHX Project

Concerns, raised eyebrows, a questioned look. That is what I’m imagining is on the faces of everyone reading the title to this article who are familiar with #LHX. And you read it right. It’s the end of the #LHX project.

Maybe someday we’ll return to it, to the five-day backpacking adventure on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail that brought people from across the country together to connect and support Gear Forward. A trail that is both beautiful and soul soothing to unforgiving and rugged. But it’s time for something new.

For the past few years, the #LHX project has accomplished everything I had hoped it would. We brought people together from various parts of the country to disconnect and make real connections in real life as well as provide support for a great non-profit. And at the completion of each one, #LHX2017 and #LHX2018 I was more than pleased with the results and outcome. But it’s time for something new.

In the month leading up to #LHX2018 I began to feel a tug pulling me in a different direction regarding 2019. I had already had in my mind and on paper what #CLX2019 was going to be about and even had some sense of where it would take place, but this tug kept nagging at me and telling me it was time for something new and different. At the time I couldn’t think too much about it, I was in full #LHX2018 mode and had too much on my mind. But once #LHX2018 was complete and the excitement and adrenaline began to subside my thoughts turned to #CLX2019 and six words kept knocking at my door every time I thought about the direction this event would take, “but it’s time for something new.”

I wasn’t sure what those words meant or what the “new” was until I received a phone call. That one phone call would be the catalyst that would show me what that something new was all about. Scheduling issues would scrap the original idea and send me back to the drawing the board. I wasn’t too concerned as I have plenty of time. And scheduling issues happen so I wasn’t disappointed. I was simply…baffled as to where #CLX2019 was going.

For a brief moment, I thought it would be easier to just go back and do the #LHX project again, but I knew in my heart that was not the answer. And so I waited. I set all thoughts about #CLX2019 aside and focused on the things in front of me and what was happening now. Not what would or could be happening a year from now. I simply put it on the back burner until it was revealed to me what #CLX2019 would be about or if it was even supposed to happen.

That time away from thinking about “what next” regarding #CLX2019 paid off and we’ve begun the planning stages. A new adventure, a new location, and a new team. Everything about #CLX2019 will be new and very different from our previous #LHX projects and I’m looking forward to the process. We’ve brought on Hiking the North as a partner. Based out of Minnesota they have a passion to get people in their community out on a trail to explore nature and experience the benefits of hiking for their own self-care as well as with others. A longtime supporter Purinize will be returning as a sponsor and #LX2018 sponsor Sasquatch Fuel will be returning as well.

So, as you’ve read this I’m sure you’ve got questions. You’re wondering what exactly is #CLX2019 all about. Where is it going to take place? Who is the new team? How can I be on the team? What’s going on?!

Well, I’ll answer your questions. Ready? Wait and see. #CLX2019 is coming and it’s time for something new.


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