Letter from HBF Outdoors, LLC. Owner

Running a small business takes hard work, dedication, and wisdom. As the owner of a small business, HBF Outdoors, LLC., not everything is glamorous. The fun part of owning the business is in doing what we provide, but all the work that goes on behind the scenes can sometimes be time-consuming and stressful. But when you love what you do, even those not so glamorous parts of the business are worth it.
HBF Outdoors, LLC. is only a few months old. We’re in our baby stages and like a baby, it needs to be fed and given time to grow. During this process, I am learning what works and what does not. What needs to be changed completely and what needs to be removed or eliminated. I’m constantly evaluating our services, listening to our clients and responding to feedback.
My goal and dream is to continue building a small business that provides outdoor adventures and education regardless of a persons skill level. And in the process connect people with one another in the outdoors. The health benefits of being outside are many. Hiking alone can improve physical and mental health. As people begin to get outside more, their desire to expand their knowledge and adventure increases, but they lack the skill and knowledge and want to learn. This is where HBF Outdoors, LLC. comes in.
As a small business, we offer ALL our day hike events FREE of charge. The goal of these events is to bring people together to enjoy the outdoors and explore a trail they may not have explored before. However, we do charge for our training courses and larger special events.
We realize some of you have questioned why we charge and have shared how you can receive what we offer for free from other organizations. The simple answer is we’re a business not an organization. And with any business that provides a service, we need to be paid for our time and resources. Our training courses are conducted by experienced wilderness instructors that we outsource and partner with. Unlike some organizations, our courses are hands-on with instructors willing to take the one-on-one time with you providing our clients personalized training at your pace.
As for our larger events upcoming, there are costs that go into the planning as well as logistics and resources. I see the value in the experience and education of those we partner with and their time and skills are valuable and deserve to be compensated.
In comparison to other businesses like us, as the owner of the company, I am working hard to provide our services at an affordable cost everyone can afford and will continue to do so. I am grateful for the support many of you have and are giving as I continue to build on what has been a long time dream of mine.
At HBF Outdoors, LLC. we believe we are offering a service that provides more than outdoor education and recreation. We are offering a way for others to change their life in a positive way through outdoor adventures. I look forward to meeting everyone we serve, getting to know you, and help you on your journey of learning more about the outdoors.
Thank you for your support,
Brian Ford – Owner of HBF Outdoors, LLC.

2 thoughts on “Letter from HBF Outdoors, LLC. Owner

  1. The “something” we pay for is not always a tangible product that we hold in our hands. Sometimes we pay for a service to be performed, sometimes we pay someone only for what they know. Too often the problem lies, not with the person charging, but with the person who feels they should get a service for free.

    1. Correct, and it’s my desire and goal as the owner to work hard at helping people see that a service that provides knowledge and an outdoor experience is definitely tangible in many ways.

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