People and the Outdoors is a Healthy Combination

Speaking negatively about a person says nothing about them, and everything about the person speaking.
It takes no courage to sit behind a digital screen while hen pecking criticism or slander about someone you don’t know. If you’re reading this then you’re on social media and you’ve seen, read or even faced what I’m talking about. If you’ve faced it personally, because I have, then you can probably relate to that feeling of wanting to react and lash out in defense. But what does that solve? Nothing. But what it does do is feed the person who is speaking negatively and fuels the fire. In my personal experience taking the high road and ignoring them shows you and others a positive character trait…integrity.
Social media has opened up doors to connect with people across the country and around the world. Had it not been for social media I would not have connected with the people who have made up #LHX2017 and #LHX2018. It’s been and continues to be a valuable tool for connecting with others that have led to connecting “in real life.”
My dream of turning Hike By Faith into a business took several years. During those years I had moments of frustration as I wanted it to be happening at the “now” moment. But had I jumped in right away, had I not allowed the time God needed to show me His way for HBF Outdoors, LLC. it would not be going in the direction it is now.
HBF Outdoors mission and purpose is threefold, CONNECT-LEARN-EXPLORE. But at the forefront is CONNECT. This is our main goal because we believe connecting in real life is what matters and something we don’t do enough.
My purpose and goal to connect people with others were reaffirmed this past weekend during our Basic Compass Navigation Hike. People not only learned a new skill that would benefit their outdoor experiences but they also made new friends, shared stories, have connected on social media to stay in touch, and have already talked about making plans to get together for a hike of their own. Digital connections became a reality. Preconceived notions about a person were dispelled. Digital first impression changed when hands met in mankind’s simplest form of greeting. And real life connections can lead to healing for someone.
HBF Outdoors, LLC. is about connecting people in real life, because what takes place here in the digital world is not always real life. Connecting with others in real life out in the woods while hiking a trail can change a person’s life. It’s making that first step outside (literally) and making a connection with someone to learn more about them as well as share who you are. It takes no courage to click “friend request.” And there’s no integrity in using digital connections to criticize or slander someone whom you know nothing or little about. But it does take courage to step outside, connect with others, open up about who you are while learning more about someone else.
While we connect initially on social media, let’s get outside and connect in real life. I promise you it is far better than sitting behind your screen fishing for connections that are not tangible, real or make a positive impact on your life. Because people and the outdoors are a healthy combination.

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