Thirsty Thursday Explorer – Backcountry Petite

This week’s Thirsty Thursday Explorer is Backcountry Petite. Rachel is an #LHX2018 team member and an ambassador for AllTrails.

You can check out all her adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I grew up in Minnesota, where we really appreciate the few months we are able to enjoy being outdoors comfortably.  The winters are long, very long.  In 2015, my husband and I (and our dog) moved away from the long winters of Minnesota to the long summers of Arizona.  We moved again in 2016, from Arizona to New York.

During our second relocation, we drove through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.  It felt incredibly serene driving through the wide open land, seeing mountain peaks, and for the first time in a couple years really being surrounded by nature that was alive and vibrant.  Yes, the Sonoran desert can be beautiful, but for a Midwestern girl, I had missed the colorful scenery.

Living in New York City, I am within an hour or so of a lot of beautiful wilderness.  However, I am surrounded by tall buildings that block the sun and a lot of time is spent walking on sidewalks, streets, and subways.  I look for ways to escape the city whenever possible and hope to one day be able to travel across the country freely, exploring new outdoor destinations to share with you.

My goal is to help you find your own escape outdoors.  I hope to inspire you to travel and seek adventure, living life in such a way that you’ll never look back.

Rachel Fonstad

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