Filtering Water to Survive

When in a pinch, meaning you have no filter system or purification there is a way to filter water in a survival situation.

Simple sand water filter

1. To start with, you need a container. If you can find a large, empty can, use it. Punch 5-10 holes in the bottom of the can. A large plastic bottle is also fine. Cut the end of the bottle off evenly. If there is no container available, you have to use what material that nature can provide, or that you brought with you.

If you find a birch tree, make a cone of birch bark. The cone will need to have a fairly small hole in the bottom. Tie the cone with rope to keep it from opening up.

2. First, you need to stop the sand to get out of the container.
Find some filter material you can place at the bottom. For instance:

• a couple of inches (centimeters) of pebbles.
• a grass mesh, make sure it’s nonpoisonous grass.
• or cotton material.

3. Add a layer of gravel. The main purpose of the gravel layer is to strengthen the filter material and prevent sand mixed with the water you get from the filter.

4. Fill your bottle or cone with sand.

5. Collect some water. Pour your collected water through the filter. Catch it in another container at the bottom. Look at the water that comes out of the filter. It should be clear. If not, you may have to pass the water through the filter more than once.

Safe water

Now you know how to make a water filter, but to get safe water to drink, you also have to purify your water. The water may still contain harmful bacteria that your filter did not remove.

To improve your water filter, add a layer of charcoal between the gravel and sand layer. Get charcoal from your fire, crush it, not to powder but just fine gravel size.

Filter Systems

At Hike By Faith we use Sawyer Products Mini Water Filter when hiking and backpacking. The Mini Water Filter is easy to use. It can be attached to the collapsable drinking pouch that is included when you purchase the Mini Water Filter or on a standard water bottle.

“The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is rated to 0.1 micron absolute, weighs only 2 ounces, and filters up to 100,000 gallons! ”

Water Purification

Purinize is another brand we use. Their purification drops are mineral based and 100% natural. We use this product along with our Sawyer Mini Water Filters for the best possible clean safe drinking water.

Right now you can order Purinize and get 20% off your order when you use promo code LHX2017. With each purchase made using the promo code Purinize will match your purchase with a donation to Gear Forward.

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