Sea to Summit Trail

Located in Squamish this trail is fairly new. Opening in 2014 when the new Sea to Summit Gondola was built which allows people to travel from sea level to over 800 m in the span of minutes. The opening of the gondola, also came the opening of some new trails, and access to previously hard to reach trails.

The Sea to Summit Trail expands upon the existing Upper Shannon Falls Trail, which is an offshoot of the popular Stawamus Chief hiking trail. The trail is steep, long and challenging. It provides a great workout, and also nice views along the way, including an up-close look at Upper Shannon Falls. Best of all, you can enjoy a beer at the summit lodge, and then buy a ticket to download on the gondola.

Starting the base of the Gondola, the trail heads over to the Chief trail, over the Oleson Creek Bridge. Continue up the Chief trail, until the turn off to follow the Upper Shannon Falls/Sea to Summit trail. It’s just after this turn you reach the 1/4 way marker indicating the trail gets harder. Which is does, with some sections needing rope to climb. The trail continues to the Upper Shannon Falls then crisscrosses under the Gondola twice.  Near the top of the trail it gets muddy, probably from the trail being new and the trail hasn’t been worn down to gravel yet, still lots of dirt. You end up coming out just left of the gondola. At times you wondered if you were on the right trail as we kept going down, instead of up, although the trail is very well marked. Took us just under 3hrs to complete the 7.5km trail. Near the top you can take an alternate route, which adds about 1 km to the trip, this is supposed to be less difficult. Rain didn’t start until we were ready to head back down, about an hour and half after we reached the top. Considering the cloud cover, we still had great views. About the only thing we couldn’t see of importance was Sky Pilot Mountain.

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IMG_3270Steve Holliday aka Hiker_Steve I live just outside of Vancouver, BC with my lovely wife and our aging dog. I have three children who have all grown up and have their own lives. My love for the outdoors started when I was very young. My parents took me camping throughout BC, most of the time in a Camper or at least some sort of RV. As I grew up I started camping with friends, sometimes biking to the campsite, sometimes hiking to the campsite, but mostly Car camping in a tent, and it continued as I grew up. My favorite place for overnight hiking is Cathedral Park in BC. You can find out more about me from my Twitterfeed, my Blog or myYouTube channel where I’ve posted a few video reviews of products.

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