Hiker of the Week: @StumblerBlog

west-fork-campground-edit-3-of-10My wife and I would drop everything and hike around the world if we could. We’ve been pretty avid hikers for the past three years but started documenting our hikes and travels in our blog, StumblingThroughNature.com, a little more than a year ago. We lived in Arizona for most of our lives where we had so many trails to choose from. We’d tackle a trail every weekend! 0

We became more serious though when we hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim. That was such an incredible experience we had to do it twice!

Since then, we’ve been dreaming about how we are going to visit all the National Parks in our country. We’d also like to do a major thru hike one day. We have not decided if we’d rather tackle the Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide or the Appalachian Trial yet.  We’ve both made a goal to finish one of those trails by the time we turn 30! So we have a few years to plan!

Now we live in New Mexico and we are excited to explore different nature settings.

Walking through nature is healing for the soul. It’s a spiritual experience. Nothing is more humbling than walking through a canyon or up the side of a mountain.

I’m a news anchor for an NBC station in Albuquerque. My wife is a school counselor. As much as we love our jobs, we live for our next weekend hike and adventure. There is so much natural beauty in our world that it would be terrible if we missed out on seeing it.

– Colton

Blogger, StumblingThroughNature.com | @stumblerblog

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