What is the #LHX2017 Adventure?

Hike By Faith started with a simple concept, to inspire people to hike and backpack for their overall health. To encourage less time with technology and experience what our beautiful world has to offer as well as how nature impacts the human spirit.

It’s easy to think Hike By Faith, by it’s name, is another religious organization. The truth is, the name was born out of my own personal struggles several years ago. Faith in my personal life is important, but Hike By Faith is not a religious organization.

Over the past few years HBF has grown in the social media world. I don’t use paid advertising and have special offers. HBF has simply been blessed with growth through interaction, engagement, and networking. I value the online friendships I have made and look forward to what is ahead.

Each of you also have a presence on social media in the outdoor community making an impact with creative ideas, writing, video, photography and more. And I’ll admit at times I’m a little envious (in a positive way) of the growth, reach and accomplishments some of you have obtained.

But we all know outside of our offices and out from behind our computer screens is a world to be explored, mountains to climb, trails to blaze, and the next generation to raise up as future adventurers. This is where #LHX2017 and each of you come in, we want to inspire others and give back selflessly.

What does #LHX2017 stand for? Good question. It stands for Laurel Highlands Experience 2017.

When: April 23-29, 2017

Where: Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, Pensylvania

What is it: A five day backpacking trip beginning on the north end of the trail and ending at Ohiopyle, the south end.

Distance: Seventy Miles


To bring together a small group from the outdoor community known for their social media interaction and connect in person on the trail sharing our experiences, skills, and ideas. Oh, and of course, social media leading up to and during this event to inspire others, promote the brands we’re loyal to, and encourage people to take part in the second reason for this project…Gear Forward.

Through this event it’s my goal to encourage people to donate financially, donate gear, or both to Gear Forward to help equip the next generation as well as spread the word about Gear Forward and what Scott Gauvin is working to accomplish.

The entire trip will be filmed by a video production team and produced into a short documentary. Think of shows like Alone, Dual Survivor, etc. My purpose for this, to show the everyday adventurer what life on the trail is like when you bring like minded people together. Everything from conversations on the trail and around the camp, to quick gear reviews, tips, tricks, brand plugs and yes, even the struggles on the trail will be filmed and later produced into a documentary that I hope will inspire others to get outside and seek nature.

In the weeks and months to come we will reveal further details about #LHX2017 such as team members and brand sponsors.

In the meantime, we are working on building the team. If you’d like to take part in #LHX2017 as a team member or a brand sponsor you can contact us here for further information. Let the adventure begin!

Remember, life is like hiking, it’s taking one faithful step at a time.


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