Hiker of the Week: TimH aka @t_jh2009

Greetings everyone,

Some might say that I’m a just an old guy who still enjoys traveling & spending time outdoors despite my relatively recent mobility issues.

tim hI began my love for the outdoors at an early age growing up in New England where I explored the woods down the street and going to the beach along the shores of the Long Island Sound. A few years after moving to California I joined the Boy Scouts and that opened up a whole new world to me called the Sierra-Nevada Mountains where we’d camp and hike.

I’ve continued my love for the outdoors into my adult life, I visited all 50 States by going to various National Park Services areas. And recently I’ve started to travel outside of the United States like my trip to Europe last year. In the fall I’ll be going to Central America.

Although due to my mobility issues, I no longer can go on a 50 mile hike as I did while I was in the Boy Scouts and it limits me on certain types of hikes. I still like to go for short day hikes or as John Muir would say “saunters.”

Some of my favorite places to go sauntering is Point Lobos State Reserve just south of Monterey, CA and along the shore of Lake Tahoe. I also continue to help out with the Full Moon Walks at John Muir National Historic Site in a limited way by either handling the parking or setting up the telescopes on top of Mount Wanda.

Just because I might have a setback with regards to my mobility it doesn’t mean I can’t find other ways of enjoying the hiking experience.


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