Hiker of the Week: Kylee & Rhayne aka @TinyExplorersMB

We are Tiny Explorers, or Tiny K and Tiny R separately, due to our short stature (but certainly not our large personalities). We love hiking, and we also love being women; motivating ourselves to realize our dreams of becoming something greater. We’ve both had events happen in our lives that have bonded us as well as motivated us to change our lives for the better.

Tiny R, a huge nerd at heart, I originally took to the artistic side of my life and made a career out of it. I had this insatiable need for adventure constantly, in my mind the best way at the time to facilitate that was through creation of video games, movies, and art. In 2013 I lost my grandfather, after a long 20 year struggle with various illnesses that ultimately resulted in lung cancer. My world spiraled out of control the day I lost my him. Nothing was satisfying enough, and I couldn’t find the passion I once had in daily life–until I went on my first hike. There it was, out in the wild, life–adventure–was just waiting for me. I didn’t have to play pretend, I knew that if I worked hard enough, if I went far enough then I could see it all. Since then I’ve vowed to continue exploring, letting fear be my guide as I overcome all the things I was once too scared to try, falling in love with life one adventure at a time.

Tiny K, I’ve been inspired by nature since I was a child but I never really took the leap and got to experience it as much as I would have liked. I lost my Dad to cancer a few years ago. It made me realize how valuable experiencing life is. After losing him, my Dad is my inspiration to get in as much adventure as possible. Hiking is my favourite type of adventure, you really get to take in everything. The bright green moss and lichens growing on the rocks, looking up at the green leaves, and getting to experience some of the best views in the world.

We’d always separately loved hiking, and even travelling to a few destinations with our families and friends, but never had we taken that plunge together. Nervously, yet incredibly excited, we embarked on a 2 week trip to Italy. This would either make or break our friendship. The moment we knew we’d make great travel partners was the moment we sat in those less than comfortable airplane seats. Tiny K turned to me and said the words that were just crossing my mind at the time, “Well… if this is how we die…” and we both shrugged.

It’s been a whirlwind adventure ever since, and any time something is too out of our comfort zones we just turn to each other for balance– or a shrug and “Oh what the heck” and we do it anyway. We push our limits, we’ve gone to europe, across Canada; rafting, climbing, but at the center of it all we’re always hiking. The thrill of survival will always push us forward.

Although we’ve had adventures travelling across Canada, the US and Europe, our favourite place to hike is in our own backyard: Manitoba. Our favourite day trail is Hunt Lake. Over a few hours the terrain repeatedly descends to the cool waters of the deep meteor carved lake basin of West Hawk Lake only to immediately ascend to an 80 foot precarious cliff edge over the beautiful lake.

No matter what we’re looking for Manitoba has a trail for everything: climbing up the Canadian Shield, trudging through a hot desert, balancing on thin shale high above a valley. The only thing missing are mountains, but hey…. ROAD TRIP!

We’re always looking for communities and people who share the same values as us! Join us on our adventures tinyexplorersmb.tumblr.com.

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