Kayaking Tips: Prepare Right & Have Fun

article-new-ehow-images-a04-ui-il-ocean-kayaking-tips-800x800Following are some essential tips, that should be always followed while kayaking. These tips are all-inclusive of sea, river, whitewater and ocean kayaking.

It is very important that you stretch yourself well each time, before you start kayaking. This is essential to maintain your stamina and vitality while kayaking and it also helps to make your arm muscles stronger. You can also follow this when you are indulging in any other water sports, like surfing, river rafting, sailing, sport fishing, etc.

Choosing the Kayak
This is the most important aspect of kayaking, as everything depends on the kayak that you choose from the various types that are available. Make sure that you buy a kayak that best suits your requirement. Also consider the type of waters that you will kayaking in, as the kayak should be able to withstand the water currents and waves. A sea kayak is different from a whitewater kayak and the former cannot be used for whitewater kayaking. You can also build one that suits your needs.

Choosing the Paddle
This is yet another important aspect of kayaking. While choosing a paddle for kayaking, consider the paddle length, shape and design of the paddle blade, material of the paddle, etc. You can also carry a spare paddle with you while kayaking.

Kayaking Gear
The most important kayaking gear that you will need is the ‘Personal Flotation Device’, that will keep you above the water in case your boat capsizes. You can buy either a type II or a type V personal flotation device, as these are lightweight, efficient and comfortable. Other kayaking gears will include the appropriate navigation tools, clothing, helmet and equipment related to the boat.

The next very important thing that you need to learn to do, is to learn how to get in and out of the kayak properly and to paddle correctly. This sure needs a lot of persistence and practice, but you will need to master the correct technique first, in order to be perfect at it.

Kayaking Safety Tips

  • Do not attempt to learn kayaking all by yourself. Always make sure you have an experienced person with you or at least around you, to guide you through the sport.
  • Make sure you purchase good quality boats, paddles and kayaking gear. Do not compromise on the quality for saving a few bucks.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate safety gear, like a helmet and a life jacket on, before you get into the waters for kayaking.
  • Check the water and weather conditions of your current location as well as your destination, before you leave for kayaking.
  • Wear bright colored clothing, helmet and life jackets, so that you can be spotted easily in case of any danger.
  • Always carry a whistle with you, to call for help in case you are alone and get stuck on the way to your destination. Also carry a spare paddle, a repair kit and a first aid kit with you.

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