Adventure Plans Sometimes Change & That’s Okay

Last week I ventured out to Raystown Lake for some kayaking and scouting. There are several islands on the lake all varying in size spread throughout the 27 miles of lake water. The weather was perfect; sunny, in the mid 70’s and a light breeze.

I packed up my Teton Sports Rock1800 pack with everything I would need for a full days adventure. For lunch I packed Campfire Meals Rice & Sweet Pulled Pork, one of  my favorites, my Camelbak filled with cold water and some Munk Pack Peach Chia/ Vanilla for a snack.

I left early in the morning and arrived to only a few fishermen out in their bass boats trolling quietly along the edge of the lake at Aitch boat launch. My first destination was to reach PeeWee Island, the smallest of islands on the lake. Popular for boaters, kayakers, and fishermen, PeeWee Island offers a great location to step out, explore and take a break.

I spent a couple hours on PeeWee Island exploring and making my lunch. My intention was to continue paddling on to the next island a couple miles north known as Marty’s Island. But something happened, the peace and quiet I was experiencing at the time while on PeeWee Island kept me from venturing further. As I sat enjoying my lunch, an eagle flew overhead circling around in search of the right fish for his lunch, another kayaker paddled by quietly in the distance barely breaking the water. And minnows swam along the beach in front of me as the current gently pulled them in and out. It was quiet and I simply did not want to leave.

Sometimes your adventures may have started with a plan and intentions, but I believe a true adventure takes place when your plans are changed slightly when natures says; “it’s okay to go with the flow, throw out your plans and simply be.”

Where is your next adventure taking you and what “plans” might be changed once nature speaks?

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