No Time to Hike?

“Man, I wish I had the time to hike as much as you do.”

This was a comment recently left on our Facebook page.

Out of habit and routine I was about to reply to the comment with this quick remark; “lol, I do my best.” Had I replied with that quick snarky comment that’s all it would have been. Simply because I wasn’t in the mood at the time to go into length as to how I am able to make time to get outside. But, the little voice in my head that at times speaks wisdom told me otherwise.

Instead of replying with something short I decided it was best to reach out in-depth and send a private message. Here was my reply.

Read the full article here

5 thoughts on “No Time to Hike?

  1. Good post. Being a regular hiker, I too, get caught up in the “too busy” category from time to time. Especially at the being of a semester or teaching a new course…there is no saying no to the prep time needed to prepare a lesson! But I also get caught up in something else that is equally demotivating. I think “hike” needs to encompass at least 4 miles…so I fool myself into thinking no time when even a shorter walk (urban hike) around town can also help my overall outlook on life at that moment!

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