Hiker of the Week: Krista Petrie-Wallace aka @kristapetrie

I was introduced to the outdoors through camping with my parents and joining the Girl Guides of Canada at a young age. From then on, my love for exploring our natural world grew, and you can find me adventuring on skis, in boats, climbing rock, or on foot. Hiking for me is the simplest form of adventure and is one I am drawn to and keep coming back to.

158I love the places that hiking and backpacking have taken me. Being from Canada, I have backpacked  through the North Rim & Long Range Traverse in Newfoundland, the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, and the Donjek Glacier Route in the Yukon Territory.  All of these backpacking routes are completely different in terms of terrain and features but are all incredibly wild and beautiful.

Day hiking is also one of my passions and my favourite place to hike is the Adirondacks in Upper New York State.  I have hiked all of the 46 high peaks (4000+ ft or higher) and became a member of the ADK 46er club in 2012.  If you’ve never hiked these mountains, they are all very steep, rugged and challenging. I have summited peaks in the Adirondacks in every month of the year, and know that if you can hike there, you can hike anywhere in the world.  These hikes always keep me coming back for more.  I now have over 70 summits in NY State alone.

My day job also includes my outdoor passion.  For the past 16 years I have been a high school Phys Ed and Outdoor Ed teacher, taking students into the outdoors and educating them on environmental issues.  In a world full of technological distractions, I feel it is more and more important for teenagers to get outside and connect with nature, not wi-fi.

In 2015 I started my website www.kpwoutdoors.com born out of frustration from not being able to find enough female written content on the internet related to gear reviews and trips. My hope is that I can help adventurers make educated decisions on gear and obtain planning information from trips I have done.  I am currently writing reviews for #ORInsightLab , @WoolXwool , and @OrbitPole amongst others.

Twitter: @kristapetrie

Instagram:  @kristapetriewallace

Where is hiking taking me next? I’m headed to Nepal in October for a trekking trip ☺ Yahoo!

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