Gear Review: Campfire Meals

You’ve just backpacked ten plus miles. You’re ready to take a load off your feet, kick back and rest. Before a much deserved rest your camp needs to be set up before dark. You begin the process of unpacking your gear, scouting a good spot for your tent or hammock, gather wood for a fire, and seek out, collect and filter water. While all this is going on your stomach is growling, you’re hungry, and thoughts of food have been on your mind since mile seven. You know the feeling I’m talking about.

After I’ve set up camp for the night there is nothing like sitting down and relaxing next to a warm fire waiting for dinner to cook. However, there have been times my meals have not been up to par or what I expected. I’m craving something satisfying and filling, but that freeze dried meal from __________ just did not hit the spot. It was either not filling or lacked in flavor.

I have had some meals from brands that frankly it tasted like Styrofoam. The texture left little to be desired and the flavor was bland leaving me feeling dissatisfied and still hungry.

powerpot_cmRecently, during a backpacking trip, I took along three different types of meals from Campfire Meals. For breakfast I had their Scrambled Eggs with Sausage, and for two nights I had lasagna with meat sauce and sweet pulled pork and rice.

Much like other brands that offer freeze dried meals, you simply add the right amount of boiled water to the pouch (be sure to remove the oxygen packet first), seal the bag, and let stand for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the meal.

On previous trips, and I will continue to do so from time to time, I have made my own meals in a dehydrator. The advantage to taking along Campfire Meals; light weight, satisfying, filling, tasty, and in a pinch saves times trying to dehydrate meals that may not turn out right if you’re trying something new.

In the past I have bought other brands of freeze dried meals, but after my most recent trip I will purchasing from Campfire Meals knowing at the end of a long day and many miles my stomach will be full, and my taste buds happy with flavor dancing around.

Campfire Meals is by far the best in the line of freeze dried meals for backpacking.

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