Hiker of the Week: Iris Morales

Our Hiker of the Week is Iris Morales, and like many, she has found healing through hiking. You can check out Iris’s adventures on Instagram @strongsoul_11

“Hiking can transform more than just your body and mind. It can change your HEART.” – Iris Morales

FB_IMG_1462034544202A couple of years ago, I found myself lost in a deep depression, overweight, zero energy. Every day was a struggle to survive, crying every night and trying to find and answer.
During that time I completely quit the outdoors, I didn’t have the energy to get up and go.
One night while I was praying I asked God for a hug I just wanted a hug I just wanted to feel and hear that everything was going to be okay, well I got that hug 🙂 and the next day I realized I was missing the best of this world THE OUTDOORS.
So I went back to the mountains and that’s where I found myself again and became a new person.
It’s because of hiking, because of the mountains that I’m still alive.
I put my heart into every single hike. Hiking was that open door that I was looking for.
And that’s how I started my new journey.  the hardest part was to believe in myself again, to believe I could do it.
Here I am now, stronger, self loving and hoping to introduce this happiness to everyone who may be feeling hopeless.

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