Improving Bushcraft Skills (Great Outdoors Adventure)

Take a look on Youtube and you’ll find a long list of bushcraft videos varying in techniques and skills. But if you’re looking to improve your fire making skills we recommend checking out the Great Outdoors Adventure.

Joel Buhia, one of Teton Sports Brand Ambassadors, is a master of the arts of bushcraft fire making. Since getting to know Joel, I have not only learned from him but have put many of his skills he teaches into practice. Most recently during my Laurel Highlands hiking trip I chose to challenge myself by starting and cooking all my meals over a fire instead of my Jetboil using what he teaches. I still brought along my Jetboil as a backup, but was determined to start all my fires using bushcraft. Learning to start a fire with other methods besides matches and lighter is a great skill to have while on the trail. Not only is it a survival skill, but also teaches patience and appreciation.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.24.14 AMBesides teaching you how to make fire Joel takes the time in each of his videos to show you every detail needed for properly starting a fire, making your own backpacking stoves, how to collect materials for building a birds nest, and even how to make your own charcloth. His Youtube channel is filled with instructional and adventure videos that draws you in and even challenges you to go beyond the quick fire making to the simple bushcraft fire making.


Here is his latest video on using the Emberlit stove.

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