Outdoor Community: Hiking Forward Facebook LIVE

Connecting with the outdoor community is something we enjoy. Building relationships with others who share our passion for the outdoors, hiking and giving back.

CaptureToday, we’re featuring our friends from Hiking Forward and also the founder/director of Gear Forward. Recently Hiking Forward has started a new project, LIVE Facebook chats. Each chat they will take thirty minutes to talk about gear, their Appalachian Trail Crew, and general topics about getting outdoors.

By watching and interacting with their LIVE Facebook chats they will answer your questions and bring you useful information from the outdoor industry. This is a great way to learn and expand your knowledge and skills. We encourage to check them out. You can get updates and announcements from their Facebook page as to their next LIVE chat.

Hiking the A.T.?

If you’re hiking or planning on hiking the A.T. we encourage you to check out Hiking Forward’s Appalachian Trail Crew

Scott Gauvin is the founder of Hiking Forward and the Executive Director of Gear Forward.

“Ever get the feeling you belong? You belong someplace, doing something, or with a particular group? Good! Wow I thought I was the only one. Many years ago I visited my first official National Park. The Smoky National Park and along with my family, fell in love with the park, the woods, the bears, the idea of that National Parks and felt that belonging to the outdoors that I once had as a scout and to hiking. For years as a youngster and young man in New England had always heard about the AT – Appalachian Trail – but finally got to set foot on it. Not only did I get to set my feet on the famed AT, but I did it atop Clingmans Dome the highest peak in the park and the highest peak on the AT that straddles North Carolina and Tennessee. An awesome experience. I think the wife thinks I am nuts. Maybe so.”

Read more about Scott here

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