Hiking Solo But Afraid of the Dark

Hiking solo in the dark can certainly be a challenge for anyone, even if you’re not new to backpacking. I can recall nights of feeling paranoids wondering what was lurking in the bushes waiting to jump out and pounce on me. In the article, #HBFCrew Dane Cramer, shares his thoughts as well as some insight on how to overcome being afraid of the dark while hiking solo.

I will admit it. As much as I enjoy backpacking solo there have been a few times when I found myself wishing I wasn’t alone as the sun went down.

You may know what I’m talking about: when the long, friendly shadows cast by a glowing sun suddenly morph into sinister-looking shapes that scurry behind trees or stop moving the instant you look their way. Uh-oh.

Seriously, where’s that noise coming from? This is starting to freak me out!

A few years back I spent a particular night alone in the woods on a shelter floor. I don’t think I slept more than 45 minutes at a time. I jumped at everything I heard, and kept swinging the beam of my headlamp about the treeline around me. The light revealed nothing. I then began to imagine what I would do if my headlamp actually did illuminate something – like a face. Oh, man, I can’t deal with that. I stopped looking.

For the complete article you can read it here

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