The Allure of Backpacking – Dane Cramer

firstYears ago I was telling a lady that I was going to spend a week’s vacation backpacking.  She was intrigued as we talked about my plans.  Then, it suddenly dawned on her that I was going to spend a week in the woods without taking a shower.  She stopped me at that point.  She explained that her idea of a vacation was relaxing on a beach somewhere, not sweating it out going up some long hill.  And, she pointed out, it also meant taking a shower every day!

At first glance, backpacking may seem like a fun adventure to anyone.  Who wouldn’t want to breathe fresh air, take in some nice vistas, or relax at a bubbling brook?  The problem, however, is that the journey to get to some of those places can be an arduous one. It is almost always one filled with discomforts, and often includes challenging physical pain.

So, what is the allure of backpacking? Why do we do it?

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2 thoughts on “The Allure of Backpacking – Dane Cramer

  1. Hi Dane , I got your info from Mary Beth at. Laurel Ridge State Park . I plan on hiking the Laurel Highlands trail from Seward to ohiopyle. Can you give me any tips on the trip

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