Big Trail Envy

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what in the world is “big trail envy.”

It’s the desire to be on a “big trail” whether the Appalachian, John Muir, Continental Divide and others like them.

Now before you want to chew me a new one hear me out.

The dream and desire to hike one or more of these trail is one shared by many. I hope to one day thru-hike one of these trails myself. But “big trail envy” can have both positive and negative side effect.

The positive side effects can result in motivation to set a goal, plan it, schedule it and then go do it. However, the negative side effect of “big trail envy” can have a much greater impact.

My friends at Teton Sports are at an advantage being based in Utah. I often see pics of them climbing and backpacking the majestic mountains. I dream of one day climbing those same mountains, but I don’t allow their adventures I view online to cause “big trail envy.” I’ve simply made it a goal to happen some day.

But “big trail envy” can paralyze and cause a you to lose focus. If you find yourself spending more time online looking at other people’s adventures rather then creating your own, you might have “big trail envy.” We can easily get caught up with browsing the many photos online from Facebook to Instagram of others who are already hiking these trails. Too much overload of these images can cause “big trail envy” to creep in and cause you longing for these trails. These side effects can cause you to become paralyzed from creating your own adventures right where you are and before you know it you’ve become an armchair adventurer.

“Big trail envy” can also cause loss of focus. You become too focused on an adventure somewhere else you don’t realize you’re missing out on an adventure right in front of your nose.

So now you know about “big trail envy.” The question is, will you become a victim of the negative side effects or the positive side effects?

Ok, so it sounds a little cheesy, all jokes aside, adventure can be found anywhere. It’s simple, get outdoors. There are many beautiful places to find adventure.

I live in Pennsylvania and surrounded by many beautiful mountains. Sure, they don’t compare to the majestic mountains of the West and Northwest, but they are beautiful in their own right. I spend many hours and miles in the woods of Pennsylvania and each and every time I find a new adventure, and one day I will you find adventure in those majestic mountains of the West. Until then I continue to hike by faith one step at a time soaking in every bit of beauty and peace I see right here in my own backyard and beyond.

The point of getting outside in nature on a trail somewhere is to disconnect from the everyday, to become refreshed and recharged, to connect with who we are inside, and connect with the Creator. But a goal to get outside would be to one day have an adventure on one or more of the many majestic mountains and/or long distance trails. Because when the goal becomes the point it could result in “big trail envy.”

One thought on “Big Trail Envy

  1. Nice Post.

    Having satisfied my big-trail thru-hike craving (AT NOBO 2014) I can tell you it is well worth the effort. Of course, if you ask someone the question on the rocks of Pennsylvania or scrambling through the White Mountains of New Hampshire you might get a different answer.

    Ask them on Katahdin, the answer will be “Hell, yeah”

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