Preparing for a thru-Hike means ignoring the lies

61 days until my thruhike of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.

My itinerary is set, tent sites reserved, and meals planned. Packing will begin the week before I hit the trail. So what is left to prepare? Good question.

I continue to prepare by training. Exercising, eating right, and getting sleep. However, to be honest I haven’t stayed the course (trail) completely. I have a bad habit of straying when stress or anxiety come creeping into my life. On stressful days from work it’s easy to come home and settle for a high carb meal that is easy to throw into a boiling pot of water, pour on some cheap store bought sauce and sprinkle a more than generous amount of cheese, which according to recent news is mostly made up of wood shavings. Ah, nutritious.

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