Pine Fire Fatwood

If your looking for a reliable firestarter that is also light weight for backpacking then check out Pine Fire Fatwood. Our friend Dane Cramer of recently produced a video where he tested the Pine Fire Fatwood Sandy Cookie while on the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail.

Hike By Faith proudly endorses Pine Fire Fatwood.

Michael Herdson
Pine Fire Fatwood and the Pine Fire Fatwood Channel
Owner and Craftsman

I have been sincerely blessed with a full-time job as a firefighter and intermediate paramedic. Therefore, Pine Fire Fatwood’s approach never has been a financial one. We know how hard it is to make ends meet these days; consequently, we try our best to stay up on the current prices and try always to be the lowest price on the market. We openly admit that we cannot compete with the prices that big companies like Orvis, Plow Hearth, or Duraflame can afford to offer. However, as a small personal business, we can offer all the small things they cannot. We offer an overall better product, better personalized customer service, and an All-American/ All Natural product harvested and packaged in North Carolina. We get our fatwood from only naturally fallen trees and we gather our River Birch and Cedar Shavings in an eco-friendly manner so as to not damage or injure the trees. We are extremely “enviro-cautious”(new word..count it!). Finally, due to our small size, we are ever evolving. We listen to our customers and are constantly bettering our products. What’s more, we strive to be a “generalized provider”. Not only does Pine Fire Fatwood offer several different styles of product to allow the proficient woodsmen to select what is best for them, but we want novices, suburbanites, and first time bushcrafters to have a product that is effective, and flat out easy to use. We strive for utilitarian appeal. Tinder can be used anywhere! Camping-Fireplaces-Bug Out Bags-Chimineas-Fire Pits-Grills and Bio Fuel Stoves. Put it all together and you have Pine Fire Fatwood.

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